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    Recent News
    22.12.11, 11.09am
    Wanted Dead or Alive

    Irish Mammal Atlas 2011- 2015 Seen a Squirrel, Stoat or Hare, come across some ‘Road Kill’ or been told about a brief encounter? In an exciting new venture the National Biodiversity Data centre wants ... more
    09.12.11, 2.13pm
    Buzzard Tagging Porject

    Dec 2011 : buzzard wing tag project Eimear Rooney from Queen’s University, Belfast has initiated a long-term wing-tagging programme of Common buzzards this year in Northern Ireland. The colours ... more
    18.11.11, 10.08am
    Inch Lake Controversy

    Inch wetland reserve is fast becoming a controversial battleground between bird conversationalists, shooting enthusiasts and walkers. The sites extensive network of walkways interspersed with bird hides ... more

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