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Martin Moloney
(c) 2006 Daisy Mules 

Bird of Prey expert and Falconer

Martin Moloney like his father before him has been a practising falconer all his life. Down through the years martin has gained experience-flying birds like the Peregrine, Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, Buzzard, Barn Owl and Harris Hawk. At the moment Martin keeps a female Peregrine (Gina), a male Barn Owl and a male Harris Hawk.

Martin is a member of a charity called Raptor Rescue which is an organisation dedicated to ensuring that all sick or injured birds of prey are cared for by qualified persons, and that whenever possible they are released back into the wild. Through his own dedication martin has released large numbers of recovered birds of prey (raptors) back into the wild. As an expert Martin has taken part in numerous courses on raptor rescue and he regularly carries out difficult rescue techniques like feather Imping on injured Birds.

Martin is also a member of the Irish Raptor Study Group, which carries out surveys on breeding birds of prey. His recording and survey work on the raptors of the greater Inishowen area has largely contributed to the conservation of these magnificent birds.

Martin recognises the importance of education to the future conservation of Raptors and his enthusiastic and friendly attitude means he is always a hit with schools and visitors alike. Martin is available to take his birds to schools, centres and shows. He also does falconry lessons, hawk walks and family days.

Contact: mmmoloneys@eircom.net

Ph: 086 351 4510
Ph: 0749322993

Martin Moloney: A Teacher's review
"Martin first came to visit my P5 class 6 years ago and has been visiting yearly ever since. I asked him to come as a follow-up to a programme and book we were doing/reading with a peregrine falcon as its central character. It was an amazing experience then, and continues to be so, as well as a powerful learning tool for me and my pupils. Not only does the book become more alive for the children, with the presence of Gina, his peregrine falcon, there is the added benefit of broadening their general educational knowledge. Martin is able to help them learn about the different birds of prey, their habitats and how we humans affect the birds' survival. Martin currently brings his barn owl and harris hawk along with him with his falcon. We were lucky enough also to have had Kes, a kestrel, visit with us over the years before her death this year. With the birds in the classroom the children learn to be respectful, gentle and to listen attentively.

The richness of learning for the children engaging with nature and the world around them can never be underestimated."

~ Daisy Mules , primary school teacher in Derry

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